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Perform Workplace Assessments

  • Human factors, ergonomic, physical and stress assessments in terms of workplace interaction with staff, equipment and work organisation.
  • Product advise assessing if employers have adequately provided for the health and safety of employees contractors and others
  • Assess if personnel have been matched to their position to minimise human factors risks
  • Risk assessment and hazard studies associated with change management
  • Determine human factors requirements for those in specific positions to be fit for work.
  • Risk assessment and analysis including hazard studies at all stages through product/facility lifecycle from concept design to demolition.
  • Table top and real to life exercises relating emergency, crisis and business continuity management.
  • Drills testing risk scenarios possible at the worksite
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Work Health & Safety (WHS) Management Systems Development and review
Develop a systematic approach that can be integrated into normal business practice and develop plans for implementation, monitoring and review of such systems. This is done in a way that will require ownership and participation by key stakeholders. This would require use of planning processes to manage risk in product/facility/service provision design to manufacture, operation, maintenance and cleaning. This would include methods of both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis to allow the additional development of targeted emergency, crisis and business continuity contingency plans. Development will include implementation process whilst reviews will review both documentation and practice.

Prepare and review WHS Management system documentation
WHSMS including Induction and procedural documentation preparation and review to suit the requirements of the worksite, employees and the industry. These would be based on the risk register for the organisation with each procedure being developed from risk assessments to ensure that relevant risks have been addressed. Development and review includes consultation with key stakeholders for content, format & ease of review. Hazardous materials manifests; Emergency response procedures; Incident reporting recording, investigation and fault/costs analysis reporting; Safe working procedure documentation based on risk assessments; Contractor safety requirement, Rehabilitation programs and procedures; Pre-placement and ongoing fitness for work health evaluation programs; Compliance with industry requirements i.e. maritime, occupational diving or mining industries; Development of critical incident management plans

Expert Witness, incident investigation and legal reporting
Conduct and preparation of independent incident investigation and report preparation for the purpose of legal advice as well as providing expert opinion in statutory prosecutions and civil legal proceedings. Working Armour's personnel are on panels to provide advice to Australian and International regulators. This experience allows the reduction of legal liability through implementation of improved health and safety risk management processes both pre and post incident. Trend analysis of both workers compensation and incident data to provide independent advice on required systems improvements to protect against recurrence

Review of WHS & Risk Management
Gap analysis of legislative compliance, application of specific health and safety as well as enterprise wide risk management, facilitate the development and review of organisational, divisional, project and site risk registers, Integration of management systems. Improvement of management systems to reduce workers' compensation costs, legal liability and productivity. Assessment of the affects of health and safety culture within an organisation on its management systems. Independent review and input into design (initial, change, improvement) from a health and safety risk perspective for buildings, facilities, products and operations.

Conducting WHS & Environmental Risk Audits
Third party independent audits to meet organisational custom requirements i.e. audits and facility reviews as well as performance improvement programs. These can be conducted with the client's relevant legislation in mind or specific standard compliance (AS 4801 OSHAS 18000, Company/project/site management system or plan, Federal Safety Commissioner or National Self Insurance audit protocols etc). Where requested recommendations can then be developed with an appropriate implementation, monitoring and review schedule. Where required audits are completed by certified management systems auditors and can be to prepare an organisation for a certification/regulatory audit or to conduct these audits. Audits can be completed at any or all phases through an operations lifecycle from design to shut down.

As part of hazard/risk studies or the assessment of the organisation risk culture can be provided through surveys testing responses. This is aimed at involving key stakeholders in determining solutions through and independent review and analysis of the workforce status

Human factors in design
Provide input in the project design phase as part of FEED & EPCM to ensure that these risks are managed throughout the project/facility lifecycle. This ranges from the design- or redesign of an individual product to the design of multimillion dollar, multisite and multi country projects across a number of high risk heavy industries including construction and demolition, oil and gas, transport & logistics.

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