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Course Topics

Needs analysis, development and delivery courses in the field or using different media. Development of competency based assessment modules and training programs as well as the development of multimedia training programs. All courses can be tailored specifically for client needs with a preference for in house rather than public courses. All courses can be delivered in both open learning and traditional format as required by clients

General Programs

  • Work Health & Safety Leadership
  • Due diligence for executives
  • WHS for Managers, supervisors & teams
  • Civil Law and Coronal Enquiries in the Workplace Setting focusing on identification of management system gaps
  • Work Health & Safety Legislation and Environmental Legislation
  • Communicating Work Health & Safety and How We Improve Awareness
  • Consultation training
  • Motivating for WHS from the Shop Floor to the CEO
  • Job Hazard Awareness & Analysis
  • Auditing with specific audit tools
  • Major and minor incident investigations, analysis and trending
  • Return to Work Co-ordinator training
  • Workplace Prehospital care

Specialist Courses

  • Safety Hazards & their management (risk registers, JSEAs and SWMS)
  • Working Environment i.e. working from heights, confined spaces, diving safety, on water, under ground
  • Working Materials i.e. materials handling, lifting registers & studies
  • Working Surfaces i.e. vibrating, mobile, friction
  • Working Tool Box Talks
  • Health Hazards
  • Permit systems
  • Management of contractors


  • Heat, radiation, vibration, shiftwork, stress, occupational overuse, occupational skin disease, manual handling, noise, diving safety, nanoparticles, violence, ergonomics and human factors.


  • Asbestos, synthetic mineral fibres, PCB's, lead, solvents, epoxy resins, reproductive hazards, hazardous substances, dangerous goods and hazardous wastes, pesticides, mutagens, carcinogens and teratogens, personal protective equipment, gasses and vapours, liquids and mists, solids, dusts and fumes, occupational diseases and cancers.


  • Infectious diseases, air-conditioning, insects/animals & micro-organisms, zoonoses


  • Organisational, workplace stress, bullying, discrimination, Workload-over and underload, cognitive human factors

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